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Importance Of An Air Conditioner?

Air conditioner requires regular maintenance, which enhances performance and reduces electricity consumption, the Air Conditioning Melbourne is necessary especially in summers we look over them with a feeling of hope, which helps us in cooling our house or workplace. But before turning your air conditioner on, check whether it’s working properly or not. If not possible then hiring an air conditioner service is the best option. Professionals air conditioner repairs have better knowledge and with modern tools and eco-friendly solutions, they give a 100% guaranteed satisfaction in the service. By maintaining your air conditioner Melbourne you’ll keep your surroundings healthy and hygienic.


Follow the tips to ensure smooth functioning of your air conditioner;

Clean the filters

  • Filters are an important component.
  • By regularly cleaning it, the air conditioner runs smoothly and energy consumption also minimizes.
  • Cleaning the filter every month is must and it’s necessary to change the filter before the season changes.


Troubleshoot the components and wiring in the air conditioner

  • Make sure the switch is off and there is no power going into the air conditioner.
  • Now, pull out the access panel on the condenser and look for any signs of burning wires, melted insulation etc.
  • Before closing the panel make sure that everything is at its right place and nothing is wrong in the wiring.
  • If you encounter any problem which seems complex, call an HVAC professional, they’ll easily fix the problem.

Troubleshoot the components and wiring in the air conditioner

Troubleshoot the thermostat

  • Look if it’s placed at its right position.
  • Thermostat maintains the temperature if it’s not in a good shape, there will be no consistency in the temperature.
  • If the installed thermostat is an old mechanical version, you should consider installing a new one.

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Check the condenser fan

  • When checking the condenser fan make sure you have switch the air conditioner off, it’s better to unplug it.
  • The fan inside the air conditioner rotates at very high speed and can cause extensive injury.
  • Check the condenser fan from the top of the outside condenser and look for any crack, if see any then it’s time to replace the fan.
  • The fan motor bearing requires regular oiling.

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Clean the air conditioner thoroughly

  • When you’re done inspecting the air conditioner, clean it from outside thoroughly.
  • Use a sponge, detergent soap and water to remove dirt and dust.
  • After cleaning, let the air conditioner dry naturally.
  • Once it’s dried you can use it.

Clean the air conditioner thoroughly

Contact professionals

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