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Heavy Curtain Cleaning Tips

Let’s address the elephant in your room. Yes, your curtains that never get much attention. The curtains you purposely keep out from your daily cleaning routine because ‘’they are a lot of work.’’ Guess who’s offended? Your curtains are so offended they are grimy and emit odour. That was definitely not what you wanted, was it?

Well, it is not ideal to wait till your curtains are dark, somewhat slimy, grimy and smelly to was them, that’s for sure.

For many people curtain dry cleaners is a lot of hard work because their curtains are heavy. Even taking them down from the rail needs assistance. Imagine washing them and drying them by hand? That is what a herculean task is like, isn’t it now?

Here’s some help. Here are a few basic heavy curtain cleaning tips

First of all, let’s be clear that Steam curtains cleaning according to the fabric material is a thing. If you don’t follow the rule, well, you are going to have many wrinkled and shrunken curtains.

Lightweight curtains that are not made of delicate materials go in the washing in delicate or cool and slow wash cycle. But, you can’t treat heavy curtains the same way. And, no matter your curtains are heavy or light, it is important to dry them well- not in direct sunlight but in bright breezy atmosphere.

Let’s get to heavy curtain cleaning, here’s how to

Steam cleaning your heavy curtains

There are two major reasons why it is bad idea to hand wash or machine wash your heavy curtains-1, the drying process is painstakingly long and 2 the fabric can stretch with hand or machine washing.

So, the best way to clean your heavy curtains is steam cleaning. It is also a good idea for heavy drapes that cannot be easily taken down.

Always remember to clean from top to bottom when steam cleaning your curtains. For best results, always use the upholstery attachment in the steamer. If the curtain fabric is becoming wet, keep the steamer away till it dries.

The quickest way to clean your heavy curtains is steam cleaning and if you have many rails of curtains, this process can be quite tedious to do it by yourself. The good news is that you can always hire professional curtain cleaning services to steam clean your heavy curtains. Hiring professionals comes really handy when you have some big events coming up with not much time to spare for cleaning.

How to make heavy curtain cleaning easier?

It should come as no surprise when steam cleaning your heavy curtains that don’t get regular attention takes hours. If you are cleaning the curtains once in three months, it no wonder takes a lot of easier.

One way to make it much easier is to vacuum them regularly. Yes, vacuuming your curtains should be a part of your daily cleaning routine. It cuts down on the  Curtain Cleaning time and helps to keep your curtains looking and smelling fresh.

And, even if you decide to steam clean your curtains yourself most of the times, hiring professionals twice every year helps massively. Call us on 1800194827 for the same day bookings.

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