Cleaning Microfiber Couch – Some Basic Tips


Cleaning Microfiber Couch  is a simple process, if you remember some basic ideas. Microfiber couches are basically made out of super soft and fine synthetic fibers. Apart from being very comfortable, microfiber couches also have the advantage of being water resistant. In appearance, they are very similar to leather and suede – which gives them an elegant look. Maintaining that elegant look is a little easier than with other materials, but it is still something that needs to be done with care.

Basically, when cleaning microfiber couch, you need to remember that, although water resistant, the couch is not stain resistant. When stains happen, make sure that you check the couch label. It should present an indication on the material, like:

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Best way for microfiber couch cleaning keep in mind the letter W means that you need to clean the couch using water-based solutions.

If you see the letter S, you should use a solvent-based cleaning substance.

S-W means that you can choose whether you would like a water-based solution or a solvent-based cleaning substance.

If you received a manual when buying the couch, check it out before cleaning it. It should contain detailed instructions on how to clean it without damaging it and some tips in regard to what needs to be used and how.

Cleaning microfiber couch is a rather sensitive matter – the material is water resistant, but if a large quantity of water is spilled on it, some nasty consequences could happen. If the water manages to get through the material, it will probably do a lot more damage than in the case of a usual couch – so you must make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Microfiber cleaners exist and they should be used most of the time. Water preferably with soap needs to be used only if cleaners are not available and an urgent stain needs to be cleaned. Another home solution can be Isopropyl Alcohol – but don’t overdo it with that either.

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What you have to bear in mind when cleaning microfiber couch is that, if you use something that was not designed to clean it in the first place, visible stains may remain. They may not be as ugly and may be preferable to the stains you were trying to clean in the first place – but they are still not something you would like to be seen on your couch. You can avoid that by drying the couch with a paper towel or maybe with a soft terry cloth after cleaning the couch.

Do not use liquids unless you have actual stains on the couch. For dust or other issues like food crumbs a vacuum cleaner should suffice.

Last but not least

If you are very keen on keeping your couch clean, there are Melbourne Upholstery Cleaning companies that deal with exactly this type of thing. So, if you don’t mind paying money for this and a spotless couch is an issue that really matters to you, they will probably know more about cleaning microfiber couch.

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